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– version 7.4.4 (Download) (uploaded 06/06/2017)

– version 7.4.5 (Download) (uploaded 16/11/2017)

Release Note

Version 7.4.5

  • (Bugfix) Updated Shadowcopy process to fix an issue with additional drive mappings
  • Please use version 7.4.4 and run the service with a non-localsystem account if you intend to backup a network location. This will be fixed in the next upcoming version

Support files

Register and Download
Register a cloud account and download Sync4DR

Cloud Manage
How to Manage the cloud.

Install and Setup
How to install Sync4DR.

Standalone Manage
How to use Sync4DR as a standalone Client.

Rsync Server on QNAP
How to setup Rsync Server on QNAP.

Sync4DR Troubleshooting Tool
A set of tools used for when problems are encountered running Sync4DR

.Net Framework 3.5 setup
How to setup .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows 10 manually.