Even hourly backups are transparent to your operations. Files are always available for rapid retrieval in the event of a disaster.

2 Data Restoration

Sync4DR can be your primary means of data recovery. No tape. No servers required. No fuss. Just look for your file in the backup storage and copy it back to anywhere you want.

3 Security

Security information (ACL) associated with a file is replicated if required. The replicated file inherits the same security protection as its origin. Sync4DR is an extra level of data security in case of failure like power outages.

4 Capacity

Unlike tape storage backup systems, Sync4DR leverages on the scalability of your storage such as NAS, to provide a scalable data protection system.

5 Simplicity

Minimize downtime and data loss by rapidly recovering what you need, when you need it. Sync4DR is easy to work with!


Sync4DR provides affordable data replication for disaster recovery. A single, unified, scalable solution can eliminate point solutions, backup complexity, unnecessary storage growth, costs and risk – all for one annual subscription price.

Sync4DR can give small and medium-sized businesses the same data protection that larger companies can afford to build for themselves. Sync4DR provides an essential data replication service that is affordable for companies with smaller budgets and big data protection needs.

Many enterprise are still relying on traditional tape backup systems slows data recovery time.  These are also systems particularly vulnerable to failure. Sync4DR’s continuous data replication capabilities significantly improves disaster response time, which means wasting fewer dollars.

The Admin Web Console ( AWC ) of Sync4DR offers cloud administration for all your devices. Even as data are replicated to your on-premises backup storage, status of the replication are feedback to the AWC periodically. The AWC serves as a single point of monitoring and managing of the organization’s data protection.



A Sync4DR subscription includes unlimited technical support via email. Remote access support that involves server or NAS access will be provided by our technical support team at a cost of $60 per access.