Can you afford to lose the all the works your organization accomplised in the last hour?

Small business solution: Data replication,disaster recovery and technical support

Enterprise infrastructure support: Offsite, virtual server protection and disaster recovery

How to get started

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Sync4dr Features

  • Replicates from PC to Server or NAS
  • Replicates from Server to Server or NAS
  • User profile, My Documents, Outlook PST file, Virtual PC, Virtual Server
  • Replicates even when files are in use
  • Replicates within local network or over the internet
  • Free Technical Support
  • On-Demand Remote Support

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Use Sync4dr For

  • Infrastructure Centric Data Protection
  • Replicates To Any Data Storage
  • Replicates To Multiple Destination
  • Replicates To Mirror Sites
  • Replicates Virtual Server On Hyper-V
  • Replicates Database

Why do you need Sync4DR?

Sync4DR is a Data replication software that offers Infrastrcture Centric Data Protection to your organization. Sync4DR offers Cloud Management for all your PC, Notebook, Server and Virtual Server. Data could be replicated to the backup storage onsite, offsite, or onto the Cloud. Sync4DR is the inevitable component of your disaster recovery plan.

How Does Sync4DR work?

Sync4DR is installed onto PC, Notebook, Server and Virtual Server. Data is replicated to a backup storage such as Network Attached Storage or NAS. When disaster strikes, data could be recovered instantly without having to setup and recover from backup image.